Water Tanks

Need a water tank? 

Rainwater harvesting is fast becoming a common household  discussion here in KZN where dam levels are at an all time low.

While having a water tank is a great idea, it’s how you fill it and what you do with it that counts. KZN waterenergy offers you a number of installation options to suit your needs and pocket. From topping up a watering can with a hose, to pumping that water out via a sprinkler for garden irrigation or washing the car, all the way to sending your free harvested rainwater back into the home so you can bath, shower or wash your hands with it, we can do it all.

Our system of filtering the rainwater at source means only clean water reaches the water tank. In turn this minimizes the maintenance requirements of your tank, and the quality of water stored increases the options for use. Plenty of our customers drink and cook with this water.

If you are in the market for water tanks, herewater-tank-green-5000 are prices for the three most commonly used tank sizes.

The below prices include delivery and  VAT.

2500 litre = R3 245.00

5000 litre = R4 692.00

10 000 litre = R11 207.00

Once you have chosen your tank size we will come and do the installation of your choice. Water is a precious resource so lets start conserving NOW!!!!

Contact Neil de Groot – 082 5777 089 for more information on your water conservation installations or visit our website at www.kznwaterenergy.co.za.