Let us save the Vaal Dam

Our water levels are at a critical low, specifically at the Vaal Dam

KZN Water Energy comments on Vaal Dam

Vaal Dam

Right now a massive pipeline is being built to send raw sewage gushing into the Vaal dam. But local residents are fighting back, and together we can clamp the pipeline before it reaches the water.

The dam is a critical water resource for millions of people across
the region and a last refuge for fish eagles and delicate aquatic life. But its future is on a knife’s edge: pollution is already a major problem and this pipeline could be the tipping point, causing a serious health hazard and poisoning the eco-system.

We have just days before the pipeline reaches the water’s edge. If we build a huge national petition we can amplify local opposition voices and give this monster project the negative publicity it deserves.

Let’s push Environment Minister, Edna Molewa, to cancel the construction for good. In the face of a looming drought in the country,she won’t want to be seen as ignoring the crisis. Let’s drive her to action, sign now and share widely:


The Vaal dam is a vital life system for our country. It supplies water to roughly 12 million people – almost 20% of our country’s population. As we face the worst drought in two decades, we need to preserve our water, not poison it with untreated human sewage.

The project is supposedly aimed at alleviating the pressure on Deneysville’s overflowing sewage plant, but pumping excess sewage into the Vaal could cause a bigger disaster than the one it’s trying to solve, threatening water security, the environment, and the health of millions.

Let’s call on the Minister Molewa to urgently intervene. The National Water Act gives herthe power to stop this madness and save the Vaal — let’s send her a message she can’t ignore! Sign now and tell everyone:


Lets stand together and protect this vital water source from permanent damage!