Use your Grey Water to irrigate your garden.

We needn’t let our precious bathroom water disappear downsink the drain, but rather harness it and pump it to the garden.

This clever technique is achieved by installing The Garden Rhapsody!

We re – route your washing machine outlet, shower, bath, and hand basin water to a pump chamber, where it gets filtered and automatically pumped via a drive pipe to central spot in your garden. From here you have a 30 m heavy duty drag line with an irrigation fitting, which can be moved to different areas of your garden as needed.

With the average consumption of between 250 and 350 litres of water per person per day, you can just imagine how much water can now be utilized in the garden as apposed to wasted down the drain.

This installation can save the household up to 35% off your monthly water bill.

Just another excellent water conservation product from Water Rhapsody..