Mbango River KZN S. Coast polluted

KZN S. Coast 02/10/2014 – An alleged faecal contamination of the ContaminationMbango River in Port Shepstone has landed in the police charge office after the DA laid a criminal charge against the municipal mananager.

The level of contamination was shocking. It was 80 times more than the accepted level. The South African general standard for treated sewage spills into any river is 1 000 faecal coliform bacteria per 100ml.

“This river can only be contaminated by leaks from the sewage treatment plant up the stream.

Doug Rawlins, DA councillor in Port Shepstone, said in recent months he had been inundated with complaints of a stench from the Mbango River.

He said on investigation by DA councillors it was discovered that fish were dying from below the municipality’s Mbango sewage treatment plant.

“On our arrival we met with a senior official from the municipality who outlined the challenges, citing broken equipment and lack of budget for repairs. The sludge pump had been broken for three months; a clarifier had been broken for over a year; three aerators had been broken for three months and the dewatering system was broken,” he said.

The Mbango River flows directly on to the Port Shepstone main beach, frequently used by swimmers, surfers and fishermen.

This type of water contamination could affect the tourism industry and the status of the Blue Flag beaches.

” This was an article in todays Daily News, and is a typical example of what is happening around us 24/7. It is just a matter of time before this type of pollution will permeate into our precious underground water systems and eventually begin to compromise our drinking water in many ways.