WR Water Purification system


What are the components of the water purification system?

The components plus a description why we have them are as follows:

Filtration is in graduation in cartridges: 130 micron; 20 micron; Granular Activated Carbon (GAC); pH balance; and 5micron filter. This graduation process helps the life of each individual filter before it needs to be cleaned or the cartridge needs to be replaced.   Each filter needs to be able to deliver water at a minimum of 30 litres per minute at 3 bars of pressure. Finally the water proceeds through an Ultra Violet (UV) tube which renders the water sterile. The water is now particulate matter free and free of any pathogens.

Is it one size fits all?

Yes and no. Filters like car engines come in sizes. However, different from cars, this can also come in multiples running in parallel.

What is the price?

Get a quote from your nearest Water Rhapsody franchisee

Can I have a mini version just for my kitchen tap?

Best attitude is caution. What is the problem with your water? Best have it tested which Water Rhapsody will do for you, and use the correct filter application. Some water quality even supplied by municipalities is not possible to simply filter to make it suitable for drinking purposes.

Do you use reverse osmosis? (RO)

We do not have any reverse osmosis filter systems as we do not advocate this process.

If not why not?

Water that we filter contains all the good salts in the water. RO water has everything removed, I.e. the water is pure H2O. this is not good quality water to drink. Furthermore, the RO process will waste up to 70% of the water introduced into the RO process, which is a huge unnecessary waste of water.

For every litre that goes into the WR water purification system how much comes out?


Are there levels of purification and what is the standard of measurement?

Filtration for potable purposes, are clear: the water must be particulate matter free and we filter this to 5 micron. Furthermore the water must be sterile, free of any pathogens. This makes the water food for drinking, cooking, bath shower hand basins dishwashing and laundry purposes.

What does activated carbon do?

The Activated carbon will remove any taste and smell. Furthermore some or all heavy metals.

If I just wanted only an activated carbon system could I do this and how much would it cost?

Yes, get a quote from your nearest Water Rhapsody franchisee

Is it only for water?

The use of Activated carbon is widely used in the food and wine industry to remove bad tastes. It is used in all water treatment works especially where brown water (water with a high organic content) needs to be purified, and de-odorized..

Is the system more for residential or industrial use?

Both applications, where humans need to drink water without complaints.

What are the uses in an industrial application?

Huge: food preparation of every kind needs this application.

How much space does it take up?

Very little as this can be situated on a wall.

Does one need electricity DC or AC and how much does it use?

The filter is situated in line with pumped or municipal supply, and needs no further pumping other than the supply available.

I want to go off the grid. Would the WR purification system work with solar panels?

Water Rhapsody is in the prime position to do exactly that..

What’s its advantage over competitive systems?

There is nobody with the expertise that Water Rhapsody offers that has the systems to provide the broad spectrum of safe off the grid ways to use less water and ways to augment one one’s safe water supply.