KZN Nudest Beach

Cape Town – If you’re heading to the KZN  South Coast this summer holiday, no need to pack you swimming costume, as the Hibiscus Coast Municipality has approved an application for a naturist beach. BDLive reports that a 500m stretch of coastline between Trafalgar and Palm Beaches near Margate, called Mpenjati Beach, has been declared […]

Recycle your pool backwash water.

Here is another brilliant way of conserving water and saving on your monthly water bill. By installing the Water Rhapsody pool side tank, you can now re-use your backwash water. All you need to do is add a little flocculant to the chamber before you start the backwash process, then allow the 210 litre chamber […]

North Coast Water restrictions

PERSISTENT drought in the iLembe District has resulted in the area being declared a disaster zone. iLembe Municipality mayor Welcome Mdabe, on Monday, announced that the North Coast water shortage issue has reached “crisis” proportions. The mayor was speaking at a conference at the KwaDukuza Auditorium. This comes after many areas are now short of […]

Use your Grey Water to irrigate your garden.

We needn’t let our precious bathroom water disappear down the drain, but rather harness it and pump it to the garden. This clever technique is achieved by installing The Garden Rhapsody! We re – route your washing machine outlet, shower, bath, and hand basin water to a pump chamber, where it gets filtered and automatically […]
Grand opus, indigenous, plumb

Water is a precious resource.

With the current drought we are facing in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and the possibility of water restrictions in the future, planting indigenous species could be an added benefit to your garden. These plant species are very resilient to drought and hard weathering, and also provide winter colour and minimal watering. Harvesting your rain water using the Grand […]
Water conservation, multi-flush

Multi-Flush System saves 20% Water

Did you know? Our Multi-Flush system will save your household 20% and possibly more off your monthly water bill. This is your first step to a greener household. Please view our homepage under energy conservation products, “Rhapsody Multi-flush”.  

Mbango River KZN S. Coast polluted

KZN S. Coast 02/10/2014 – An alleged faecal contamination of the Mbango River in Port Shepstone has landed in the police charge office after the DA laid a criminal charge against the municipal mananager. The level of contamination was shocking. It was 80 times more than the accepted level. The South African general standard for […]
Water conservation

A new franchise for water conservation in KZN

Well let my new journey begin! I have purchased this fantastic new franchise Water Rhapsody, which has 20 years of development behind it, and thousands of installations out in the market! Its all about saving water, which we would normally just negligently discard without thinking twice. Now that I have understood how clever these systems are, I […]